We can wear a mask and put our best foot forward for only so long.  We can squeeze ourselves into the expectation of someone else for but a fleeting moment.  Bowing to the pressure of our peers brings a temporary solution but essentially denies the truth of who we are.  For a season it works, but there is that sense that its not real.  That its all make believe and one day something or someone will see beyond the facade into the realness of who we are.

It can be exhausting.  The edges become frayed and gray.

But God promises life abundantly.  He calls us into a life of authentic truth.

He has created us, fearfully and wonderfully.  He loves us.  He likes us.

And so He calls us into those places of truth and reality.

To let go of the masks and to be who we really are.  To let the world see.

The world needs to see the real you.  Not a copy or an expectation.  Not an image of what we think they should see.

But you.  In all its truth.

Those promises of abundant life and the richness that God’s love and grace gives so lavishly are for you.  The real you.  They are to be lived and felt and tasted.

God welcomes you in, just as you are.  He delights in you.  He delights in your authentic self.  He has dreams for the real you.  Plans, purposes, promises.

God is calling you to step out of the boat of expectation into the warmth of His embrace and acceptance.

He is calling you to embrace who you are and to discover freedom and joy in being you.

You do not need to have it all.   You do not need to be a size whatever. You do not need to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect anything. You do not need to be married with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. You do not need to be classically beautiful.   You do not need to be anything more than who you are because God declares you are enough.  More than enough.

What mask do you need to let drop today?

What expectation are you trying to live up to?

What freedom is God calling you into?