Get fun name tags for the kids to write what they are dressed up as, or if they did not dress up, what they want to be! This is fun for all ages! (also allows kids who did not dress up to feel involved and engaged)

I’m good at names. #humblebrag

When I start the year with a new Bible in Schools class (scariest thing on the planet!) I make a bet with the kids that I can learn all their names in one half our session.  And remember them all the next week.  It’s my win them over trick.   This year Evangeline’s class has 31 awesome kids.  Yes, 31.  A mental challenge yes, but one I took on and smashed.  I’m good with names.

So I totally enjoyed The School Of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes with his special guest Jim Kwik.  Jim had some simple Memory Hacks to remembering names that I thought were very actionable.   Check out the link to find out more.

When I am learning a class full of names I get the kids into a circle and we play the “random get to know you question game.”  Yes I know, naff title.  But it works.  I get them to say their name and something interesting about themselves.  I then every now and then go back down the line repeating their names and what they’re interested in.  We have fun with this and usually end up with some good natured teasing about who likes pizza.

I use the same technique when meeting someone new at church or at an event.  Say their name, link it with something interesting that they’re into.  Boom.

Jim Kwik’s tips are this: BE SUAVE

Say the name
Use it
Ask about it
End by saying their name

How do you remember names?