Christine Caine

What is impossible with people is possible with God. We just have to believe that God has called us to go into the world in His name, and not listen to the crippling or even paralyzing labels and limitations imposed by others. We cannot allow them to daunt us.” Christine Caine

What do you allow to limit you?

Is it something someone has said to you?

Or something you have said to yourself?

How many times have we felt that call from God to step out of the boat, but have felt ourselves held back by something or someone?

Today is a new day.

It is a day to step out with freedom.

It is a day to rip out those negative voices recorded on the tape of our memory and mind and replace them with updated confidence that comes from knowing who we are in Christ.

In Christ we are capable.

In Christ we are empowered.

In Christ we can do all things.

In Christ we can have confidence. Not in our own ability or gifting or talents but in His all sufficient power and grace. We are just jars of clay so that the all surpassing power be shown to be of God, not of ourselves.

This one verse, in 2 Corinthians 4:7, inspires me and challenges me to say YES to God when He calls me out of the comfort zone.

I trust not in my own ableness, but in His grace that makes me able.

What is impossible for me, is possible with God.

Any label, given by someone or given by myself, must bow to His Lordship and His call.

Any label must surrender its power to cripple me to the power of God to empower me.

I choose to not let any label paralyze me but I get up and walk into destiny and adventure.

I choose to not let my flaws and limitations daunt or intimidate me, but I fix my eyes on One who is Greater and One who promised that He would finish what He started, who prepared me before the foundation of the world to serve Him and live to give Him glory.

Jesus comes into the prison of our fears and regrets and guilt and shame and sadness and says “I love you no matter what.” You are free. ~ Tullian Tchividjian

What label are you holding onto instead of embracing the freedom Jesus has given us?

What holds you back from saying yes?