Vertical Gardens: Small Space Urban Gardening. How to Maximize Your Space

“God guarantees that His Word will not return void. He doesn’t guarantee that the return will be immediate. Keep sowing.” – Steven Furtick

I posted this quote on facebook the other day and then was bemused to get a spam email that said the following:

Claire, how are you growing? Plan ahead to make sure everything flourishes Just like your garden, in life it pays to plan ahead so that everything comes to fruition.

The email is about life insurance or trusts or something like that but it caught my attention and rumbled around in my head for the rest of the day.

How am I growing?
What am I dreaming for?
What am I expecting?
What plans can I put in place to see the seeds of my dream grow?

We can often live in tomorrowland though. Looking forward into the future towards greater things.
It’s important to remember that the harvest we reap in the tomorrow was planned and planted today.

Kim Walker Smith, lead singer of Jesus Culture says “In the future you will walk out in the fruit of your faithfulness.”

The flourishing of our future begins with flourishing where we are planted TODAY. Future flourishing is contingent on present flourishing.

Today are you growing?
Are you feeding yourself and practicing good self care so that you will run a long race, not a short race?
Are you learning and developing new skills to prepare you for the next level?
Are you dreaming of greater things and allowing that to enlarge your heart?
Are you walking with Jesus today, drawing close, seeking His ways and His will?
Are you being the type of leader you want to be in the future NOW? We can’t wait until “we make it” to be it, we must be it first here and now.

So, how are you growing?