Yesterday we had what I affectionately call an “allergy adventure”.

It involved a couple of firsts for us.

First use of an epi pen.

Followed shortly by first trip in an ambulance for Evangeline.

Today I phoned my fabulous allergy nurse.  She has been a source not only of great wisdom and information but great encouragement.  After walking through what happened yesterday she encouraged me as a mother, as an allergy mother.  Well done, she said.  You did the right thing.  You were awesome.

It did my heart good.

Yet at the same time, I knew I had done the right thing and handled the situation in all the right ways.

We have walked through in our heads and in conversations and in the numerous allergy talks that I have given at school about keeping our friends safe what to do if it was a bad reaction.  The check list was front and centre in my mind.  In my head I had made the decisions already.  I had put myself in the situation in my imagination.

When push came to shove I was made for this.  I was ready.

It’s hard to say that.  And I hope it doesnt come across as a #humblebrag but I was made for this.

I was prepared.

What crisis are you prepared for?

What conversations do you have to have with yourself to be ready?

What decision do you have to make before the moment arrived?

For me the decision to administer the epi pen was easy because I knew the signs and I knew the consequences both good and bad.  Once the boxes were ticked in my mental list the decision was made.  I was prepared.  Ready.  Decided.

Are you ready?