So who am I?

When I was 16 this one of 3 of the biggest questions I had with life.

Who am i?

Where am I going?

How do I get there?


So, who am I really?

What does the word IDENTITY mean to you?

Identity is how you see yourself and then that affects how you live out in the world.


So who am I?

I love LOST.  I love chocolate.  I’m a mum.  I’m married.  I grew up in southland.  I have an amputated finger.  I am a Christian.  I am the oldest kid in my family.  I am a kiwi.  I love to read.  I read about 5 books at once.  I love music.  I don’t like offal.  I am 5 foot 1.  I was top of my class for 3 years running in high school. I have had things I’ve written published in 2 books.  I’ve been on tv.  I wanted to be a journalist when I was growing up.  I’ve been overseas 3 times.

But is that really who I am?

When we talk about identity we’re talking about those qualities that make you you.  Some of those things will change over time but essentially they are the things that are your personality, your heart, YOU.

They are more descriptive words rather than facts.  The things I just said were facts.  I like lost.  Fact.

But if I was to give you some descriptive words about myself I would say I am encouraging, creative, purposeful, honest, passionate.

See the difference.

Knowing who you are will give you confidence to step out and live the adventure God has prepared for you.  Knowing who you are will help you to make wise choices.  Knowing who you are will help you be you.

It’s really important at this stage of your life that you understand what God says about you.  There are going to be lots of people with an agenda to make you feel insecure.  We do it to ourselves too.  How often do we compare ourselves to others and say you’re not valuable.  Or cool.  Or pretty.  Or smart.

But when you know who you are on the inside, when you have a secure identity, nothing can shake you.  It’s like the wrong opinions just shake off.


There is a man in the Bible who wrestled with who he is, who had some identity issues.  His name was Jacob.  Now names in the Bible often have clues or significant means that show who a person is.  Like Peter in the bible means ROCK.  Or Abraham means Father of Nations.  Now poor Jacob.  His name meant liar.  I mean how bad is that!!!  Liar, its dinner time.  Come here you little cheat, bath time!

In Genesis 32:24-32 we read about a time when Jacob wrestled with God and ended up discovering who he really was.

You know we can often wrestle with heaps of different places or people to try and figure out who we are.  We wrestle with what our friends say.  We wrestle with what we think people are saying.  We wrestle with the messages the media puts out.  We wrestle with what we see on the screen big and small.  We wrestle with what our parents say about us, their expectations.  We wrestle with what our own mind tells us.

Jacob had done that.  He had run around wrestling.  But none of it gave him any answers until he wrestled with God.

It got to the end of the night, and Jacob would not let go.  At that point his opponent was like, I’ve got to be out of here!  But still Jacob would not let go.  I will not let go until you bless me he said!  Well then – and this is where the answers came.  God told him.  He gave him a name change.  You are no longer a liar and a cheat God was saying.  You are a prince.  You are Israel.  You are a leader.  You are a man of destiny.  You are a man of purpose.


Who does GOD say I am?


But God has uniquely made you – He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14

God does not love us because of our performance; He loves us because of our position as His child.  Because He is our Dad, He loves us.  Simple as that.

But you know the cool thing.  I remember the first time I realized that God not only loved me, because He HAD to, but because He loved me because He liked me.  And He liked me because He made me and He made me on purpose, because He likes this combination of person that makes me.

What gives us our identity is not coolness status, or culture, what labels we wear, or relationship status. But chosenness.  God made you and chose you and He thinks you are awesome!

1 John 3:1 says you are a child of God, and the Father lavishes His love on you.

Earlier in the New Testament, Paul writes that we were bought at a price (1 Corinthians 7:23). Your value has never been in question. Your value was set by your creator when He gave the life of His son Jesus. Jesus paid for you on the cross. You are a child of the king. Simple as that.

God made you on purpose.  He has adventures planned for you to live.  Not you dressed up as someone else.  Not you trying hard to be like that other kid.  Not you trying to fit in.  Not you trying to copy anyone else.


Insecurity grows up in our heart when we stop believing or we forget what God says our value is, and we believe what others, or even our own mind, says our value is.

So how do we find out who we are?

  1. Hang out with God and ask Him. Do you need to wrestle with Him and not let go till you find out?


  1. Read the Bible and see what it says about you – both as a general YOU people of God, but to YOU as a person. There will be things that jump out that God is saying THIS IS YOU.


  1. Ask yourself. Now this means you have to be honest.  Honest about the good things.  How hard is it to write a list of good things about yourself eh?