Yesterday I talked about my story.  I talked about how I became a christian and challenged HKC to give their all.

So how do we make that real in our lives?  How do we go from going up the front, praying a prayer, wanting to be a Christian and wanting to know God?


For me what has kept me walking with God, apart from how amazing He is – and His grace which keeps Him holding on…  it was the HABITS I formed.


Often we ask ourselves “How do I go deeper in my relationship with Christ?” or “How do I grow my faith in God?”

Think about your best friend for a moment. How did you get to be best friends with that person?  You hang out with them, learn about them, and talk with them? You snapchat and tweet them, you text them a trillion times a day on your unlimited text plan.  God is the same way, He wants to hang out with you, teach you about Him, and talk with you.  He may not snapchat you, but He will speak!  The Bible promises that “when we draw near to God, He draws near to us.”

There’s an easy way of doing this, and it’s all based around the word HABIT.


H = Hang out with God

A = Attend

B = Bible Reading

I = Investment

T = Tell your story


Being a Christian may seem like it’s a list of things “TO DO” and we definitely don’t want you to feel like that!  Or sometimes it can feel like you don’t know where to start.  How do you talk to God?  What is worship?  Why do we go to church?

These are simple keys that can help you to know our amazing God and make it real in your life.  These 5 Habits will change you from the inside out.  God loves you with an incredible love and has done EVERYTHING needed to open the doors for us to come close to Him.   As we practice these Habits and make them real in our life we grow to know God more and more.    Nothing can change His love for us but WOW when we spend time with God and encounter Him our love for HIM massively can grow as we see how awesome He is.

We want these habits to become as natural as putting your shoes on each morning….


Hanging out with God can happen pretty much anywhere. Yeah we tend to hang out with Him more at HKC or at church on Sunday, but it’s as simple as just saying “Hey, God, here’s what I’m going through today” and praying for a bit.  Jesus made it a priority in His life and used to get away to spend time with God.  Hanging out with God is awesome.  He loves you and is the creator of the universe!  Wow!  Supernatural things happen when we make time for God.

There are many different ways that different people hang out with God.  Some turn the music up real loud and sing along, raising their hands or even dancing!  Some like to turn the music down and sit in a comfy chair and pray.  Some like to paint or journal.   We had a speaker at church who liked to go for walks on the beach and talk to God.  The main thing is that you’re carving out some time for God, however that works for you.

Do everything you can to establish a secret history with Jesus.  Banning Liebscher



There is something really special that happens at church that doesn’t happen anywhere else.  God loves His church.  God does amazing things at church.  You miss out if you’re not there.  Being at church is important for your spiritual growth and walk with God.  God designed us to connect with other people, to do life together.




The Bible is one of God’s main ways of speaking to us. This collection of books written around 2000 years ago is still alive and relevant today.  It teaches us about who God is and empowers us to live a life that pleases Him.  It changes our heart and transforms us from the inside out!   Making a regular habit of reading the Bible makes it easier to “just do it.”  But remember, the Bible isn’t just an ordinary book – its God’s message to us!  Reading the Bible is about going deeper than just reading words on a page.

“Complaining about a silent God while your Bible is closed, is like complaining about not getting texts when your phone is turned off!” James Goll




When we give with our money and when we give with our time we are investing in the call of God and our future.  God asks us to honour him by giving a portion of the money that we make, but it goes deeper than that. Do we trust God? I mean really trust that God will take care of us? Tithing is more than just giving the church money that it needs to do ministry, it’s about surrendering control of money to Him.  It’s about making an investment that lasts, both for you personally and in the lives of others.  Investment also is about time and using the talents God has given us.  He has wired us uniquely and has a purpose for our lives.



God is doing stuff in our lives.  He wants to do stuff in other people’s lives too.  Telling someone about being a Christian can be the scariest thing on the planet but God says He will give us supernatural power to do this.   Telling our story means we’re letting people know that God is real, that He is good and that they can know Him for real.  We’re not meant to keep God secret, we’re meant to live it and join God in the adventure of changing the world.   Each time we do it we can feel bolder and more confident.


God is calling each one of us to take it to the next level.  It’s about NOW.

Let’s stand up and pray….

Have a think – where are you at with God?  Would you say you’re close to Him?  Or kind of far away?  Are there changes you need to make?  Crap you need to give up?  Jesus died for that.

Perhaps you’re like I was, at youth group not really knowing why or what for.  God has you here on purpose.  Because He is real. And He loves you.