You may have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet round here.  Fingers crossed SOMEONE has noticed!

I’ve been loving my new role as acting Youth Pastor at the River and am finding this first month pretty busy both people wise, leader wise and administrative wise.  Lots of my mental and creative energy has been going into making forms, flyers and some leadership development material.  And I am LOVING it!

I have also started my Life Coaching Course and after day one on saturday I am stoked that God has led me to this course and particular group that are attending it.  There are some interesting characters but it was wonderful as one of them asked me some very direct and interested questions about my faith and so I got to share and put it out on the table.

Here are a few visuals to show you what I’ve been doing:

Beach Bash Jan 2015


1 MANHATTAN (14) Movie Night Jan 2015 10947293_873957052625162_2121577683854232695_n 10959840_10153221006479258_5532755416837611918_n 10959846_10153221007049258_4931986219410356905_n