These things I know to be true:
I am loved greatly by God

Undeservedly and unreservedly given grace

I am called by God, just a jar of clay so that the all surpassing power of God may be shown

He has wired me, created me, designed me on purpose

That He weaves His plans and dreams, completing what He has begun

That my name is written on the palms of His hands

That Jesus came, lived and died that I may be innocent and free, now and eternally


I know that I am loved by my husband, given grace and a place to be myself and I love him so for all the ways he is himself

I am loved by my children and oh how I love them, they are the joy of my heart


I know that storms come, but that I am never alone

I know that I must choose hope and life

I know that hustle gives our dreams actions and that I cant just sit still


When I am weak, He is strong

He makes me rich in all things

Nothing is impossible for God

He is my healer


Truth guides me, holds me, sustains me.  When my mind and heart assault me with fears and doubts I make a deliberate choice to grasp for that truth.  I bend myself to His truth, seeing my life from His vantage point.


Truth keeps my heart at peace.


What truth are you holding onto?

“There is a song for every season of the soul. Lifting Him up with radical praise (in the dark night of the soul), is not ignoring the issues. Instead it is saying: ‘though we face the grave,’ we will continue to sing through it and continue to say, ‘You are God, and You are good.’ It’s important to let praise flow out of your mouth even if your head disagrees.” -Brian Johnson