We can’t see power with our eyes. It has to be in operation. The world’s fastest runner doesn’t ooze strength with sparks from his fingertips. He sits talks, drinks coffee, and looks fairly ordinary. I expect he feels ordinary too. But put him on the race track and suddenly there’s a burst of awesome strength. So many Christians want to feel power, pray for power and keep looking to see if they have power. They mean to go into action when power pushes them into it. They wait every week in prayer meetings to become suddenly so full of power they brim over with it, even sitting in an armchair. But it isn’t like that. To experience power we must go into action. A sprinter must run to demonstrate what lies in him and we must go for God to realize the anointing of the Spirit. Until then we shall feel ordinary and the devil will tell us we are. Yet the anointing is there when we need it. Even in a casual witness, perhaps in the street, the power and anointing of God operate. David was anointed. He slung a stone from a shepherd’s sling at a giant, and God gave it the velocity needed to fell Goliath. By the anointing our witness has impact and force. Whether we see it or not, God is with us. Accept it.  ~Reinhard Bonnke