This is the year :)

2014 was an amazing year for me.

It’s the year I got healed of all my allergies in a miraculous incredible way by Jesus, and ate donuts, takeways, caramel slice, pavlova and so much more!  Because I can.

It’s the year we ran our pilot year of Set Apart School, a gap year programme for young adults #watchthisspace2016

It’s the year I got hired to be the 2015 Acting Youth Pastor @ The River #hkcyouth #dreamlaunch

It’s the year I spoke at Collision Youth Camp.

My girl had an awesome year at ballet, was a flower girl and passed a baked milk food challenge.

My son had his first year at intermediate school, and his first ride in an ambulance.

I had my first hospital visit and overnight stay, including first iv lines put in (4 of them)

I dreamed, built, hustled.  I launched out.

Bring on the adventures of 2015.




Here’s what went on in the world, via google in 2014….