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i love how God puts us in family

not just the people we marry and the children we have, the parents we were born to and the siblings by blood

but family by the blood of Jesus

brothers and sisters in Christ

often we live island lives

instead of embracing the gift of community

of wise voices

warm embraces

shoulders to snot on

experience to draw upon

people to walk alongside

people who we CAN be real with, honest with, authentic with

people who are there to support us

to lift us up

to encourage

to give grace

we are called to be a family who accepts and loves with truth and kindness

who challenges and gives of each other

adopted together, bound together, united together

this family loves

this family laughs

this family grows


and what a gift is this for women

created for community and relationship

lets be brave

lets be family


if you want to go fast, go alone

if you want to go far, go together