2014 definitely ranks as one of the best years of my life.  in part it is to these wonderful guys and gals above in the photo – The SAS (Set Apart School) Students and pastors.  Set Apart has been my great love and passion for this year.

Set Apart is a one year course for school leavers heading to university education or university students moving on to start new jobs or launch their career.  It is like a gap year, with a part time course for young adults to be equipped and trained with great foundations for life – no matter where they are going next.  The course is split over 6 days with 2 days of class material and learning, 2 days of serving in the Kingdom of God and 2 days of part time work in the marketplace.  This ensures students are not just sitting in a classroom, but actually putting into practice new concepts as they learn them.

The course is divided into 8 different areas that cover every part of life including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Set Apart is designed to equip students in the same 8 areas of life that Daniel and his friends excelled in (Daniel 1:3-4) so that no matter where the King leads each one, His light can shine.  The 8 areas are: identity, physical, vision, presentation, learning, relationships, discernment and attitude.

This year I have done so many new things as a result of my involvement with SAS.  I have taught sessions on topics that were new to me too – speaking 3-6 times each term.  I have also written and marked all the assessments for each student.   I have been blessed to hear many phenomenal guest speakers, both church/ministry speakers and practical life skills (note taking, car maintenance, hospitality etc).  I have loved watching our students grow exponentially.   SAS fills my heart.

In 2015 we have deferred having students and will be working on getting the course govt accredited and prepared for relaunch in 2016.