There’s something about Christmas music for me.

It evokes both good memories, and horror memories.

It stirs wonder and worship as we sing about our Saviour, the newborn king.

But on the flipside it reminds me of long car rides, at any time of the  year, when we had to endure Snoopys Christmas Album – my brothers choice of music, and long shifts late into the night when I worked as a student at The Warehouse (like Walmart).  Whoever was in charge of the music selection for the store had a fondness for Alvin and the Chipmunks and old style Christmas songs that, well, they made me feel very sleepy and unimpressed.

However that comes that time in your life when you have kids and you have to embrace everything Christmas and create new rituals and traditions.  Kids love Christmas music.  All things Christmas.  And rightly so.  So I have eased my “no Christmas music ban” but do reserve the right to veto any particular songs.

So I am loving the new Pentatonix music!  It fills my heart!  I hope you enjoy it too!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?