This is the best song ever. I almost cry every time I hear it. It reminds me of worship at camp.<3

I think my word for 2015 will be ADVENTURE!

This year, 2014, the word was PRESENCE.  I have felt that it has being a year of being IN HIS PRESENCE and trusting in Him, no matter what the waves and the winds may tell me.  It has been a year of falling more in love with Him and being more at peace with who I am because He is the I AM.

Today I met both with my pastor to talk about the job description for my role as Acting Youth Pastor (YAY!) and with the woman who runs the Life Coaching Course I begin in February.   We just clicked.  It was just such a Jesus thing.  I know that I’ll be incredibly stretched (in both roles!) but am looking forward to stepping out of the boat and beyond my own boarders and comfort zone.  This year has taught me that Jesus has it all in His hands, that He knows the times and seasons of my life and as I walk with Him that He unfolds the plan.