I’m so thankful for the grace and power of God that He so lavishly pours upon us.

I am just a jar of clay so that the all surpassing power is of God, not myself.

I live to know Him, and make Him known.  That is my mission.  My heart.

God dwells within me.

It is my heart that I live to know Him and demonstrate His reality and grace and goodness to those around me, in every which way.  Doesnt the world so need to know that Jesus is real and that He loves them?  Words sometimes are not enough.  I believe in the power of the spoken gospel, gospel conversations but I believe we have to also live it and be it and shine it!  We have to step out and make real that hope and power God has given us.   The Holy Spirit doesnt dwell within us to make us feel nice and happy (though He does) but He lives within us to empower us to be witnesses.   Let’s step out and see God step in!