Last night we had an incredible night at our Daughters @ The River (women’s ministry) event.

We had a local speaker, who shared her story and how God gave her hope,

in the midst of her pain.

As she began to unravel her story, the journey of hope she was on,

there were many tears, and no words.

Before she spoke to us about hope, she thanked the worship team for their worship and song selection.  Every word, she said, resonated.  I knew, this was her life.  This was her declaration.  This was her reality.

In the storm, hold onto the anchor of God.

His truth.  His character.  His heart.

His goodness.  His greatness.  His nearless.

Hold onto hope.

Seated on high, the undefeated One
Mountains bow down as we lift Him up
There is no other name
There is no other name
Jesus Christ our God

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