Evangeline came home from school today and nuzzled into my side and said in a small voice… this was the worst day ever….

I held her close for a moment and then asked, honey, what happened.

they made fun of my name Mum, they called me Evil Eva…


Words can crush cant they.

They hurt.

I got her to look up at me, into my eyes.

Remember sweetheart, when you were one day old, when God said YOU ARE DELIGHTFUL…?

Yes, I remember

That is who you are Evangeline.  You are not evil.   You are delightful.   Your name means giver of life, messenger of good news.

I know Mum.  They kept on saying it. It was hard but I kept on ignoring them.

Whose voice do you need to listen to sweetheart?

God’s voice and your voice.

Such rich truth from such a young one.  My girl is 9.  She is delightful.   She is wise.