Have you seen the movie The Bucket List?

Two elderly men create a list of adventures to have before they die.  It’s become a phenomena with people all around the world writing their own list of goals and inspirations.

Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr have taken it to a whole new level though.  They have a fabulous podcast / blog / facebook group appropriately named #LiveYourList which empowers and challenges people to look beyond day to day living and to discover purpose and passion, to become more.

A bucket list isnt just about goals and a glorified to do list, but its about making intentional choices to be who you are and seizing the opportunities life opens before you.

“We are what we repeatedly do. I am a firm believer in aspiring to Live Your List everyday. It’s not about doing crazy stuff for the sake of adrenaline.  It’s about living to your full potential every day. It’s about being the best possible version of you.” Ryan Eller

So here is my list:

1.  Visit friends far off (particularly my Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE women!)

2.  Be published again

3.  Host a neighbours table afternoon event for my neighbours

4.  Watch Krull with my kids (it was the first video I ever watched!  Ever!)

5.  Speak at a women’s conference or event

6.  Holiday on a tropical island

7. Buy a dining table & chairs (that fit all our growing legs!)

8.  Be at a live cd recording

9.  Have a family photo shoot

10.  Speak at a kids conference

11.  Become a  life coach

12.  Visit times square

13.  Holiday away with antonio (and no kids!)

14.  Have a girls weekend away with my friends at a bach – that has cafe’s close by!

15.  See Star Wars 7 in the theatre

16.  Watch a movie “in the flash seats”

17.  Eat a Mrs Higgins cookie

18. Do a 5k

19.  Be at an All Black game at Eden Park

20.   Go to Armageddon

You should check out Ryan Eller’s TEDx talk –