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Today is a fresh day.

A day of new promise.

Yesterday is past and whatever happened, happened.  To quote LOST.

Today we have a choice.  Will we grasp the opportunity to love, to give, to be, to grow, to hope? To walk with God?

It is a fresh day.

Yesterdays happenings may have caused pain or problems, but today we have a choice to respond or react.

Will we lash out in the stain of  yesterday or will we allow that to cause us to draw nearer to God, to hold onto His promises and look out with expectation for Him to unfold His plan and wisdom?

Today choose to invest in your relationships, in your dreams and destiny.

Choose to live life richly.  Live in the reality of the unlimitlessness and faithfulness of God.

Let go of fear and shhh the voices that magnify the flaws of yesterday.  Turn your gaze to see the potential of today and the todays that follow.

Today we are heading to Butterfly Creek, a attraction here in Auckland that not only has an amazing butterfly enclosure but is home to farm animals and crocodiles.  Not together of course.   Places like this are good for my heart.   The remind me of the creative power of God.  Who spoke and it was.  Who designed each butterfly and its unique colours and pattern.  Who created the guinea pig.  Who fashioned the crocodile.   I frame my world with faith in this God.  Who was and is, and who is to come.  Who can do above and beyond what I can dare ask, dream or imagine.  My life is secure in His heart.


What does your heart need to remember today?