I love conversation.  My life revolves around conversation in some form or another.  Be it preaching or leading a housegroup, to connecting with friends over turkish delight hot chocolate, to hanging with my family; its conversation.

Which made laryngitis for 9 days even worse.

It began with a sore throat and worsened when I got to the end of a day and discovered that when I opened my mouth  nothing came out.  I thought I’d wake up and hey presto, it would be back.  But alas and alak.  No.  No for the next 9 days.

During that time I relied on some mime, sign, flashcards and the trusty sharpie and paper.

Try leading The Best Housegroup In The World (an awesome bunch of young adults) with a sharpie.

I found the silence unsettling.  Not being able to express my every thought, disconcerting.’

Thank goodness for Facebook.

And texting.

But having no voice for 9 days reminded me of the power and blessing of conversation and community.  It refreshed an appreciation of talking and listening, of friendship and relationship.

I want my blog to be a conversation about knowing God and making Him known.  I love to hear what God is doing in your real life.  I love to have friends, not just followers.

Will you join in the conversation?  

Come connect over at the One Passion One Devotion Facebook page.