So thankful God created music as a way to respond to him cause there’s those times when nothing connects our hearts to his like music does  Brian Johnson (Bethel Worship)


I love worship.  It is me drawing near, confident in the promise of God that as I draw near intentionally to Him, He will draw near intentionally to me.  There is nothing better.

In Him I find hope.

In Him I find purpose.

In Him I find peace.

There have been times when the world rages around me and my world is a mess but when I draw into worship, I draw near to God, like a child on her Father’s knee, and I find my peace and security again.

Worship reminds me that God is God.  He is good, great, faithful, powerful.

It reminds my heart to trust and that God is worthy of that trust.

It replenishes the dry places in my soul, battered and weary from the day to day of breathing and living.

It restores my joy, the joy that comes from being loved by God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, ruler of all things, who breathed out the stars and holds the universe with the power of His word.

In Him I find love.

In Him I find shelter.

In Him I find faith.


What do you love about worship?