Three weeks ago I got healed of severe food allergies.

Since then every meal and snack has been a delight of discovery and a step of faith to live and eat healed.

I have eaten things that would have been impossible for me to eat and prior to being healed would have had me reacting and sick for at least a week.  I know I am healed.


In the past 3 weeks I have eaten:

toast, gluten free bread



cheese scones

fish and chips! first takeaways in 3 years!

creamy tomato soup

country cheese crackers

turkish delight chocolate

chocolate muffins (from the bakery!)

fluffy white dinner rolls

cookie time cookie


with each new food I eat amazed and humbled that God has healed me.  I eat amazed and awed by the normality of my body after eating these foods.  As I said above, 3 weeks ago that would not have been my reality or circumstance!

I am not taking it for granted.

It is a food adventure!


It was also awesome yesterday to have a lady who came to church because she read about what happened on facebook.  My story has been shared over 300 time on facebook.


All glory is to God who transformed my body and systems so that I can eat normally.  It is an incredible miracle.