Photo By Florian Klauer


Today I have the incredible privilege of guest blogging at THE FEARLESS EXPERIMENT.  I have read The Fearless Experiment Blog for a number of years now and are always inspired and inspired by their passion for Jesus and so when Lindsay asked me to write with them.

Their opening page mission resonates with my heart:

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life? More than just existing, more than just wishing you had the courage to dream. Are you ready to start living? Are you ready to stop letting the word IMPOSSIBLE hold you back? Let’s start this journey together, This is THE FEARLESS EXPERIMENT, what’s YOUR impossible?

Today’s guest post was inspired by part of a message I heard recently at church.  It jumped out at me and had me off on a tangent throughout the meeting.  Since then I have used the phrase “there is a tree” several times in conversation with people to remind them that God has prepared a solution and a way when there seems no way.   Please go over to The Fearless Experiment and have a read.