As a Christian my heart beats to know God and make Him known.

I love talking to people about how good and great God is, how different from perhaps they expected or imagined.

I love praying for strangers and seeing their eyes widen with the wonder that the God of the universe is near and loves them.

On Sunday night I was reminded of HOW MUCH I love that, how much I am wired for this.

We watched THE HOLY GHOST MOVIE with our church, big screen.

God touching people on big screen is awesome.

God touching the man at the service station on the late night shift – even better.

I had been reminded and inspired, challenged and ignited.

I’m not one to take a challenge and just mull over it though.  I act.

I step out and watch God step in.

So the man at the petrol station was my opportunity to make God known.

I asked him how his night was.  His shift had just started.  A long night ahead.

I smiled and then said that I had been at church and we’d watched a movie about the Holy Spirit.

He nodded, somewhat blankly.

Do you know that Jesus loves you?  I asked, trying to find my connection with this indian middle aged man.

No, no I don’t, he replied.

He does, so very much, was my answer and then the bold request.  Can I pray for you, right here, right now?

I’m a muslim, he said.

That’s okay, God loves you and I’d like to pray for His blessing for you tonight.


I asked if I could hold his hand and then prayed.

Sometimes when I pray for a stranger I ask to put my hand on their shoulder, or take their hand.  Sometimes we just stand, our heads bowed.  Sometimes I close my eyes, sometimes not.  I try and go with what feels right for the moment.  It felt right to take his hand and to close my eyes and pray, to bless Him and ask Jesus to show him how much He loved him.

It was good.  I love how God moves.

I want to do this more.

It’s an incredible moment when it seems like eternity pauses for a person and the Creator of the Universe pulls back the curtain, not just for the person being prayed for, but you, His vessel, His witness, His servant, to speak and see.

God so wants the world to know of His great love.  He has positioned each one of us in our world for such a time as this, to demonstrate His goodness and greatness.  This is HIS story.

Today in your world there are people desperate for hope.  Desperate for life.  Desperate for change.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  Hope is in Him.  Life is in Him.  Change is in Him.

Today, be brave.  Do it afraid.  Shine.

Know God, and make Him known.

Step out and let God step in.

To know God, and make Him known.

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