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My Story of Healing – Christine Caine

“Chris, you have cancer.” Not quite the words I was expecting to hear when I landed in Sydney Australia for our annual Hillsong conference on June 27 this year.

It was 9am in Australia, and my doctor in the US had called to give me the results of the Thyroid biopsy I had done before boarding my flight to Australia.

The C word….

I had to choose to cover the problem with the promises of God.
I had to choose to silence the giant with the Word of God.
I had to choose to see beyond the wall to the victory on the other side.
I had to choose to walk by faith and not by sight.
I had to choose to combat fear with faith.
I had to choose to replace the facts with the truth.
I had to choose faith warriors to walk through the fire with me.
I had to choose to saturate myself in the Presence of God.
I had to choose to devour the promises of the Word of God.
I had to choose to silence fear, doubt, unbelief and negativity.
I had to choose to guard my confession.
I had to choose life and not death.
I did not know the size of the battle ahead, but I knew it was warfare.



BRIDGE RUNS – Liz Sarno – Leading and Loving It

Running the bridge is a lot like life in ministry. You have seasons that it may seem like you are running uphill. Those times can be difficult and force you to push yourself a little harder. There are also seasons that are easier, where you’re running downhill, coasting along with no problem. While the uphill seasons aren’t quite as enjoyable, they are necessary to get you to the point where you can hit your downhill stride.




Raising Adults – Parent Cue

You are not raising kids, you are raising adults.

The point is there is countdown to adulthood that is happening for toddlers and teenagers, and the clock is not going to stop. The real question is what kind of adults are you raising? That question should motivate us to start relating to our kids with an end in mind.

Here’s a profound thought:
If you want your children to become responsible adults, then give them responsibilities now. I’m sure that may seem like an over-simplistic cliché, but there is a tendency for many of us to over-parent and over-lead. Have you ever heard that some trees cast such a large shadow that nothing else can grow around them? Here are a few ways to guarantee your kids will not grow up to be responsible adults….




Brace yourself. Distractions and interruptions are coming and they don’t care about your ambition or goals. Right now, as you read this more emails, texts, notifications, and “emergencies” are getting ready to test you.

How well you handle distractions will greatly determine how successful you will be.

Anyone and everyone, anything and everything, will get in your way. You must be able to effectively minimize and remove distractions and interruptions.

Take a moment and think about how many hours a week you watch TV. How many minutes (or hours!) you spend each day on the internet doing things that aren’t work related. Youtube, news, social media, email, phone, and so on are all weapons of mass procrastination.