Uncontainable (1)

In the Old Testament the presence of God dwelt in The Ark.

He then filled The Temple.

But now the Holy Spirit is within us.

The power and presence of God dwells within us, as believers.

The same great power that was in The Ark, the same might and holiness that resided in The Temple and Holy of Holies is in and through me.

God doesnt want to be contained but wants us to live and move and have our being in Him, to release Him into the world to touch those around us.  He wants to be uncontained and unconstrained in our lives, demonstrating His reality, goodness and greatness.  He wants us to live with no boundaries when it comes to knowing  Him and making Him known.

He doesnt want to be contained in a box, or a building, or even a person.

He wants to be uncontainable


There is something about the true Presence of God that just can’t be kept quiet! Wherever Jesus went, the Holy Spirit within Him broke through conventions, institutions, culture and mindsets – and it was never long before EVERYONE knew that He was there!

Like Jesus, the Holy Spirit doesn’t just want to fill us with His power… He wants to empower us to be His witnesses. He wants to break into this world through us – and His is a story that can’t be kept secret, and a power that can’t be contained! (#HisPresence14 – The River Christian Church)

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