Revelation 1:8 says “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Often we get that God is in the past doing amazing things. We have a whole book that is a record of God’s power and might. And we know that in the future – in eternity – in heaven – God will be mighty and amazing and we’ll we so blown away when we see Him. But now. The IS. Often in the IS we forget that Jesus is the same yesterday, tomorrow and today.




Lazarus’ IS, his reality, his now, was that Lazarus is dead.

What does your IS say today?

Even in your IS God is God. He is not just the God of yesterday or the God of tomorrow but He is God today!

And do you want to know the most amazing thing about Lazarus’ IS?

In his IS he heard the voice of Jesus calling him, by name, to come out.

Lazarus heard Jesus calling his name.

In case I need to spell it out or you haven’t connected the dots. Lazarus is dead. He was dead and he heard God speaking.

Those things in your life that are dead and impossible – God can speak life to them – He can call you out of them. He sees you in those moments.

Jesus calls out to those dead places of our lives, our dead hopes, our dead dreams, our dead relationship circumstances and says “come out”

No matter what your NOW is.

No matter what your TODAY looks like.

No matter how bad your IS is.

No matter how dead you feel, no matter how big your obstacle is – jesus is the resurrection and the life

I am the resurrection and the life ~ jesus.