In the past month I have been reminded that parenting can be a war sometimes. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as disrespectful to those who live in actual real war zones with bombs, horror and death. I hope you hear the intention behind my words, my heart. There are seasons where it seems that our kids have been possessed by zombies or hormones or both.

Relax, this is normal. Seriously.

Our kids will push the boundaries. They will stretch out to find out who they are and discover their own independence. Unfortunately our toddlers and teens usually don’t have tact or grace in their methodology. It’s all on. Loud and inelegant. Awkward and brash. It can be hurtful and feel intensely personal. It can feel like the world around you is disintegrating into a mess of broken hearts and slamming doors.

Just as in a legitimate war zone it’s important as a parent to have a plan and tactical responses to skirmishes and trouble so that you are prepared and equipped. We want to do more than survive. The goal is to thrive. Even under pressure.


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