i am loving NO OTHER NAME by Hillsong

its a very Jesus-centric album – every single song is about jesus – no other name by what we can be saved.  i love the lyrics of this powerful anthemic song.  there is is no one higher, greater, more glorious.  jesus only.  the bridge undoes me and as i watched a programme about domestic violence on tv last night my heart was broken afresh with the brokenness of people.  oh how our world needs jesus. we need walls to fall and chains to break.  we need hope for the lost and hurting.  we need hope for those who hurt.  jesus is that hope.  jesus changes lives.  he restores families.  he completely rebuilds people.  he removes guilt and shame and gives us peace and love.   come Lord, come soon.

One Name
Holds weight above them all
His fame
Outlasts the earth He formed
His praise
Resounds beyond the stars
And echoes in our hearts
The greatest One of all

His face
Shines brighter than the sun
His grace
As boundless as His love
He reigns
With healing in His wings
The King above all kings
The greatest One of all

Lift up our eyes see the King has come
Light of the world reaching out for us
There is no other Name
There is no other Name
Jesus Christ our God

Seated on high the undefeated One
Mountains bow down as we lift Him up
There is no other Name
There is no other Name
Jesus Christ our God

Find hope
When all the world seems lost
The triumph of the cross
His power
Has trampled death and grave
Our life found in His Name
The greatest Name of all

The earth will shake
And tremble before Him
Chains will break
As heaven and earth sing
Holy is the Name
Holy is the Name of Jesus