Give me blogging + coffee

For me blogging is an expression of my own personal mission and purpose: to know God and make  Him known.

I read a fabulous quote today over at Jordan Fortenboher’s blog today that describes my own heart for blogging.  “Intentionality gives your blog both direction and momentum.”

Today I join part of a BLOG HOP which explores why I write and what I am working on.  Answering these questions stretches me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to be introspective about something I do for love and love to do.

Like Bunny from THE MASKED RABBIT who invited me to participate in the Blog Hop I question the validity of giving myself the label “writer”.  But here we are.  Writing.   And nearly 3400 posts on my blog probably backs me up.  That is a lot of words used.

Bunny has a fabulous blog that explores life and faith from her perspective as she lives it out.  I have appreciated her as we connect across the miles to talk about Jesus and walking with Him.  She always has something positive and encouraging to say and has an incredibly creative heart.  I think she has an eye for beauty and sees the potential in people.  God is writing a beautiful story through her life.

So to the matter at hand.  The questions.

What am I writing or working on?

Many of my blog posts come out of something that I am preaching at church.  I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to preach regularly at our Sunday meetings as well as leading a housegroup and our #RiverSAS (a gap year course for young adults).

Currently I dont have a topic I am intentionally focused on but that may change when the next preaching roster comes out.

I also weekly have a WORSHIP WEDNESDAY series which shares a worship song that is touching my heart at that moment.


How does my work differ from others in its genre?

To be honest this is a tough question.

I think my writing sounds like me, it has my voice and my sound.

It’s encouraging.  Provoking.  Faith stirring.


Why do I write about what I do?

As I said above my personal mission is to know God and make Him known.  My blog is a way of expressing what I am learning, loving and passing that on to other people.

I also use my blog as a way to process what I am thinking and feeling about life.  Sometimes by writing I can work through an issue and come to a greater clarity and wisdom about what is going on and how I feel.

I love connecting with other bloggers and readers.  It’s an incredible privilege when someone comments and says that something I’ve written was just what they needed to read at that moment.   It makes me feel like I am part of God’s big picture, that He is weaving His story through the words I use.


How does my writing process work?

Sometimes a thought will come to me at night or while driving.  That thought is often the origin seed for a post.  It might be a phrase or word that I then explore further.

Sometimes a post will be sparked by a quote I’ve read.  Or a post that ignites a train of thought or reminds me of something that I’ve lived myself.

Real life often inspires what I write.   Again its my way to process what I’m feeling and living.