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8 Ways to Change the World : Advice from 7 leaders on how to make a difference.

For most of us, it’s our dream from a young age: We want to change the world.

Once you start getting older, that dream starts taking on substance. Maybe you dream of being a musician, touring the world and using your influence to give back. Maybe you plan to start a company that will transform business or a nonprofit that will end poverty. Or maybe you just want to help make a change, whatever that looks like.

They’re all different plans, but they’ve got something in common: They’re not easy. Big ideas never are. Changing the world doesn’t happen by accident.



The Most Trying Part of Living a Good Story  Jeff Goins

Remember these three qualities of a good story

  1. Good stories don’t have predictable endings. Let go of your silly little plans and embrace the journey for what it is.
  2. Heroes don’t feel like heroes when they’re being heroic. Being heroic means doing the hard thing, which often hurts, challenging every selfish bone in your body
  3. Pain is how a character grows. A character doesn’t change without hardship, so if we want to live our own meaningful stories, we need to stop finding ways to avoid discomfort. Instead, we must step into inconvenience.



Refill Your Passion Bucket #LiveYourList

1. Know your signs of fatigue. Watch the signs your body and personality are giving that will let you know that you need to find balance. If you are pushing yourself so hard that your body fights back…you might need to find balance. If you are acting in a way that goes against your core…you might need to find balance.

2. Say no. Learn to say no to the things you can’t or do not want to do while following your dream. Early on in your chase you may have not had the opportunity to say no…now you might need to say no! 

+ so many more good tips to finding balance




Three immodestly dressed women walk into a church…

It is my hope that we will come to realize that behind each immodestly dressed woman, is a broken woman. Christian, and non-christian alike.

Why isn’t our first reaction to the immodestly dressed woman one of,

“You are my sister. I love you! I don’t condemn you.” ?

Let’s start praying that the gospel so invades our hearts that we are able to give to others, what we so undeservingly have already received. Only when that happens will we truly be able to demonstrate gospel modesty.

And then… start imagining what it would feel like to throw away our internal lists of all the expectations that we put on ourselves, and others.  That’s a scary kind of freedom that is offered to us. Grace can be dangerous like that.



Thankfulness: Learning How to Speak a New Language

Wives we are fighting a real enemy who would love to see our marriages destroyed because of the huge affect our relationship with our spouse has on this world, beginning with our children.

Generations are affected by us not choosing the Lord and in this case, choosing to learn the language of thankfulness.

There is an urgency to fight; to wage war not of the flesh but of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:12) because God’s plan is not done yet! He is working in and through us to get us back to His original and beautiful design of marriage.