love this very kiwi song by Stan Walker, Ria Hall, Troy Kingi, and Maisly Kingi – it showcases our incredible talent, our spectacular nation and our national anthem.  go stan!



Lost tv-shows

its been ten lovely years since LOST first premiered at Comic Com.  to commemorate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the show’s broadcast premiere (on Sept. 22, 2004), ABC’s Comic-Con booth hosted this special video featuring series bosses Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, whose messages bookend a cavalcade of highlights from the show’s run.




The River runs a great Tuesday afterschool programme called The Zone – my kids love it!  last week they had a professional face painter in and wow she did amazing work!  check out Imaginaire Entertainment if you’re in Auckland!





its been wonderful having my nieces and nephews over from Australia for some of the school holidays.  thankfully the weather was beautiful the other day and they all got outside for a spot a monkeying around.



this is what i am loving…. how about you?  what are you loving this week?