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if anyone has known me for more than 5 minutes they’ll know i love LOST.

okay, maybe more than love.

one of my friends sons facebooked me today and said that for social studies class he has to do an assignment on Lost.  wow.  awesomeness.  i’m totally jealous!

today i had some down time and so i thought i’d do some research for my friend… aka rewatching.

a few months ago i started rewatching season 5.  today i rewatched La Fleur, a classic episode that reminds me so much of why i love the show.  the drama.  the plot twists.  the connections.  the love.

here is my list of favourite episodes:


The Constant Season 4, Episode 5

Through the Looking Glass Season 3, Episode 23

Ab Aeterno Season 6, Episode 9

Man of Science, Man of Faith Season 2, Episode 1

Lockdown Season 2, Episode 17

What  They Died For Season 6, Episode 16

The Incident Season 5, Episode 16

The Candidate Season 6, Episode 14

The Man Behind the Curtain Season 3, Episode 20

Across The Sea Season 6, Episode 15

La Fluer Season 5, Episode 8

The Man From Tallahassee Season 3, Episode 13

LA X Season 6, Episode1 & 2

Live Together, Die Alone Season 2, Episode 23 & 24

The Pilot Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2


what’s your favourite episode?


i love that Lost was about redemption.  transformation.  change.  hope.  destiny.

i love that Jack was The Candidate, the One.  and that he chose that.  he made a decision to lead.

i love

desmond and penny

the conflict between ben and charles


and the mystery or unfolding realization that richard never aged

and i loved his flashback and backstory

i loved jacob

and the conflict between him and his brother

i love

the donkey wheel

the hatch


yellow daisies

black vs white

good vs evil

henry gale

jin and sun

just let it go

polar bears

the numbers

hurleys humour and starwars references

miles and his father

daniel farady and his quirkyness

juliet and sawyer, true love


yeah, i really love Lost…