in every generation there are stand out people who take a new direction and forge a new way of thinking and being.

leonardo da vinci.  steve jobs.  shakespeare.  thomas edison.



world changers.

i believe that is such a man for such a time as this.

most known for being a founding member of black eyed peas this rapper is no ordinary musician.  not content to just make music is a modern day inventor, a self confessed tech geek/revolutionary and has a contagious curiosity about the world and how to more importantly, make it a better place.


our family have LOVED The Voice Australia where has been a coach.  we’ve delighted in his hashtagable comments #ivegotahatfactory #supercalafragilious #iknowusher, #storytime, his use of megaphones, backpacks and of course, hats,  and his drive, innovation, uber creativity and ingenuity.  his home studio was breathtakingly futuristic and differently beautiful.  so very!

today i mentioned him at SAS in the context of learning styles and breaking out of the expected norms, living out of the comfort zone, out of the box.

there is no box for

his creativity and uniqueness impresses me.

and i so love that.

he lives the way he is wired.

i believe he has God given gifts for creativity and wisdom and invention, talents that God has placed within his life and dreams and purposes in his heart.

its beautiful watching him in his flow.

i love this from an article about in The Guardian:

Music has been the launch pad for’s success, but it’s now just one strand of his burgeoning empire. He’s become a technology evangelist, a speaker at the most prestigious gatherings of the world’s elite – the Clinton Global Initiative, Google events – he’s developed and launched his own range of iPhone accessories, he has his own charitable foundations paying for kids to go through college and bailing out people’s mortgages, and this August he became the first musician to broadcast a piece of music on Mars: Nasa’s Curiosity rover beamed a song that he’d written especially for the occasion, Reach for the Stars, back to the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. (He said he’d used an orchestra because he didn’t feel “sending a computer beat to Mars” was “the right thing to do”.)


on the voice blew everyone away with his passion and enthusiasm, but had peoples jaws drop with his live stage performance… or THEIR live performance i should say… 3 will.i.ams!!!

In typical style, there was a lot going on the stage during his performance of “It’s My Birthday” with guest singer Cody Wise. The part that had everyone talking — and scratching their heads — was the multiple Wills and Codys; as host Darren McMullen said after the performance, obviously knows how to clone himself. On the stage there were three will.i.ams and two Codys, and often popped up in the audience and elsewhere in the studio. Were they convincing holograms? Was it smart editing? Popsugar


i adore his sesame street song: what i am


and a song along a similar vein, but for a more grown up audience



anyway.  i’ve totally geeked out about his remarkable and unique man.


who do you geek out on?