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Kim Walker-Smith, worship leader of Jesus Culture had a revelation while watching Lady Gaga on tv: “We as Christians, are not the only ones looking for ways to influence society…”

Isn’t that so the truth.  The world out there is promoting its message and having its say.  It holds up its ideal and preaches its own gospel of self.

But we are called to counter that with the truth and reality of God.

Kim Walker-Smith goes on to say: “But if we could deepen our intimacy with Jesus, if we could move with Him and learn His heart for this world, we could be unstoppable!  To love with His love and to see with His eyes, to walk within the parameters of His divine Word…..that leads us into a freedom like no other. He alone can answer that cry in our hearts for freedom and He wants to do it in every heart. We weren’t designed to do it alone. God not only promises to be with us always, but also refers to us as one body-the Body of Christ. Part of His excellent plan is for us to be partnered with each other.  The condition of this world should only inspire us to get our game face on! We must understand that we are not the only ones out there who want to influence hearts and minds. We must “seek first His Kingdom… and everything else will be added” unto us (Matthew 6:33). He has a plan.”

how would you define influence?