Dont you love it when a song just grips your heart unexpectedly.  I was doing some SAS research for a session next week and had spotify on in the background and this song by Kari Jobe came on.  I hadnt heard it and thought oh yeah, nice sound and then carried on.  But the words washed over me and i found my heart joining in in the worship and the evident prayer for more of God, for His ways and His will, for His presence.

We are your church
We are your sons and daughters
We’ve gathered here to meet with you

We lift our eyes
We lay our hearts before you
Expectant here for you to move

With our hands to the heaven alive
In your presence oh God
When you come
So pour out your spirit
We love to be near you oh God
When you come

You are the way
The truth and the life we live for
Oh how we long to know you more

Come like a rushing wind
Come light the fire again
Come like a burning flame
Have your way
Have your way