lords-supperduring the Last Supper Jesus instructed His disciples to celebrate what we now call communion and to do it in remembrance of Him.  

Our hearts need reminding often.

Of grace.

Of love.

Of the solution to sin and shame.

Of hope.

Each time we celebrate communion our hearts can remember that yes, its true.  My sin and shame have been paid for by Jesus.  That His body was broken, His blood shed for my sins.

The perfect Saviour died to rescue us.

Our hearts forget as we get tangled in the mess of lives.

As people hurt us.

As we hurt others.

As we do things that cause pain within and without.

In those moments, we wonder…. could that love really be real? Is the door still open for us?  Do we still belong?  Does God still love us?

Communion is that reminder that the answer is yes.  Yes that love is real.  Yes the door is open.  Yes we belong.  Yes we are loved.