My daughter wrote me a letter

i keep it tucked into my bible

a reminder of her love

and a greater love.


“You are lovely, because you are loved.”


Simple, profound. Truth in all its fullness.


It stopped my breath as the reality and power of her letter seeped into my heart.

I am lovely because i am loved by God.

His love makes me lovely.


and i am lovely because i am loved by my children.

there are often times when i dont act lovely.  when i fall down.  when i am flawed.

there are times when my impatience gets the better of me, when i snap and forget to push pause on my lips

when i am selfish and i put my own ease over the wants or needs of others

and i am unlovely

but i am lovely because they love me, wide eyed and full of grace.


they know i am broken, human, but they love me anyway

because i am their mother.

may it ever be.

may it ever be.


i can chose to grow in loveliness, not dwelling on the falling down places on my life, but receiving the unconditional love of my God and my family

choosing love, choosing life


remember, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters

remember, people

you are loved

walk welcome

live loved