The perfect Sunday afternoon… crackling fire on, a cup of green tea, and a new hillsong album playing on the stereo.

The album is wonderful, filled with incredible lyrics about jesus.

And of course I was curious about the album artwork and the epic billboard that almost feels mythic in nature… (i mean did that really happen, in real life, with the billboards???!!!_


Some of the most powerful brands, big shows, well known celebrities, and the ever popular New Year’s Eve party have all made their way to the Big Apple, New York City. Yet very seldom have we heard about a signage take over on the jumbo billboards in the beating heart of the Big Apple, Times Square and where Jesus’ name fills the atmosphere. But now, a shift has taken place!

It all happened on April 24th 2014 at 9:15 pm when a looping reel of “No Other Name,” and “Jesus” invaded New York’s Times Square for one full hour.

According to Argaet, they [Hillsong] got an amazing package deal from an advertising agency that fit their budget and everything was scheduled for 12:30 am.

Certainly, one would have to agree that it was definitely not peak time and not many people would be around to witness what was about to take place.

And then, it did not happen! What went wrong? Did God have a hand in the glitch? Was there an even greater plan that Hillsong and their advertising agency did not know of, but God already knew about? Let’s see!

Sure enough, the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God had the perfect plan and when He intervened via technical glitch, the advertising agency made it up to Hillsong by giving the group 21 billboards at a fraction of the regular price, for an hour, and added to that to have the video running live on the screen for the same duration, FREE of charge!



What a glorious orchestration by God.  No other name took over Times Square.

Okay so it want a nijia hacking takeover, but something equally awesome.

As I sipped my green tea, thankful of the fire keeping us warm from the wind and rain outside, my heart began to wander.

God continues to use billboards to reveal to the world that there is no other name.

Human billboards.

You and I.

We are called to demonstrate the reality and grace of God.

Our lives are meant to show the world of His greatness and goodness.

Not in lights, but in lives.


How are you showing the world around you that God is real?