i love hillsong conferences

my friends are there right now, in real life, enjoying the noise and the people feel

but oh i love that they stream it

and i adore their backstage team.

tonight they brought much joy to our household as only a #shoutout can.

they invited viewers watching the live stream to tweet in 

so with the kids around i grabbed the opportunity

and tweeted a hi from my kids and their friend who is staying with us for the week (yes, while her parents are at the conference)

and then called them in to watch the stream


their tweet shout out got read out

the kids literally bounced

that was OUR names!

on the tv!  

(yay for hdmi cables hooking the laptop to tv!)

simple pleasures.

they feel like they’re famous.

your name, on the airways, on the screen.

i totally won the #coolmum award tonight.

thanks #hillsongbackstage for the interaction and connection