I cant believe its nearly July already.  Where did that time fly away to?

It seems like only a short while ago that I embarked on a new adventure, beginning a new role at church with an incredible programmed called SAS (Set Apart School).

Tomorrow is our last day of Term 2.

That’s 2 terms of teaching, assessments, workouts, marking, creating, mentoring.

It’s being wonderful.  Truly glorious.

I have been stretched like never before.

Provoked like never before.

Humbled like never before.

Celebrated like never before.

This is my dream.  Living and unfolding before me.

Lives changed, shaped, transformed.  Lives set apart for God’s glory and purposes.

In the grit.  In the glory.

Tomorrow the students hand in one of my favourite assessments.  The Term Summary.  This explores what they’ve learned and what has resonated with them.  It digs into what has challenged them and encouraged them.  Its what made sense to them.

Term 1 covered Identity and Physical Health.

Term 2 has focused on Vision and Presentation.

Coming up we’re going to cover financial literacy, relationships, attitude and learning styles.

We’ve read START and skyped with the author, Jon Acuff.  We’ve being deployed at a local school twice, 2 local churches, made truffles for a women’s event and being involved in practical projects around The River.  We’ve done mock interviews, had a debate, created style boards and done cross training (not the Jesus kind!).  We’ve had awesome opportunities to spend time with and hearing from leaders such as Len Buttner and Winkie Pratney.  I threatened to get them dancing (this still may happen) and we’ve talked colours and style with a style consultant.

I’ve presented 2 terms worth of assessments and have nearly finalised my 3rd.  I’ve marked 2 terms worth of assessments.  Marking is a new adventure, one I have prayed often for wisdom about.  But it has been a joy watching the students stretch and grow in expressing themselves with their written words.   I’ve also taught several sessions on presentation, energy management, vision and led several of our cross training sessions.  who would have thought!

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this course on the ground level, creating and shaping it.  So blessed to be part of the SAS students lives.  So blessed to be reading and teaching the material.  Blessed.  Blessed.  Blessed.

While things are certainly at a faster pace lifestyle wise, I am happy.  Fulfilled.


Do you love what you do?