Over the past 6 months I have been blessed to be part of an incredible online community of motivated dreamers and builders. People who have dreams and who build their lives intentionally towards that vision and equally important encourage each other to make it real in their own lives.

Over the past weekend a group of them met together IRL at LAUNCH OUT conference.

Those of us who #becauseofNewZealand and other distances/constraints couldnt make it had a window into the conference through twitter and fb. It was a beautiful view. There is something very distinct and special about this community, a taste of heaven.

We also got to submit our own dream for launching out via paper plane which as the video so beautifully captures was then lauched out by conference attendees.




* thanks to ryan eller  and Scott Cuzzo‎ for the photos 🙂  my plane is somewhere there!


William Shedd is quoted as saying, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Launch Out provided a literal platform for people to share their specific dream, practice a presentation, or share their talent. They also held workshops lead by fellow dreamers on subjects like personal finance, writing, health/fitness, branding, effective social media strategies #allthegoodthings. It also seemed like there was a copious amount of pizza, coffee and queso was shared, along with a lot of hugs, tears and love.

Some of my favourite #launchout tweets over the weekend are: