i love podcasts.

they feed my heart, mind and spirit.

as someone who (now only sometimes, thankfully!) who lives another life at night (when i’m not sleeping great) podcasts are my friend.  they’re a great way to learn and be inspired.  you can listen to them in bed, in the car, while out for a walk.  anywhere, anytime.

i think its so good to feed you heart and mind with truth, teaching, encouragement and challenge.  as a preacher i love listening to the different styles and “voices” people have, the way they tell stories, the way they communicate their message.


one of my newer favourites is the LIVE YOUR LIST podcast by Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr. Live Your List “is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership, personal development, and living with purpose. It is fun, engaging, fresh, and all about figuring out how to Live Your List.” aka living your dreams

They have a broad range of topics and guests:

Ryan and Jarred have a fantastic chemistry and some regular features that get you hooked.  They’re incredibly positive and encouraging, entertaining and challenging, inspiring and engaging.   They also blog each episode, including the main points and light it up quotes.

Here are some of my other favourite podcasts:

The River Christian Church – my church.  i love our pastors preaching.  and i’m on the list too there…

Jud Wilhite from Central Christian Church (Los Vegas) – I love the real life preaching of Jud Wilhite – I have 3 of his books and love his heart and communication style

Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast – one of my definite favourite podcasts led by Banning and some of the Jesus Culture team as they talk about life, worship, faith, culture and changing the world

Judah Smith from The City Church – I have his JESUS IS book – love love love – and again love his messages and style of preaching, brilliant communicator that gets you laughing and then gets you with the solid truth of the Word!

Coffee With Christine Caine – weekly podcast that just so hits where it needs to hit – challenging, inspiring, encouraging, practical.  love them!

Tullian Tchividjian – Tullian is fast becoming one of my favourite preachers, esp as he is going through Romans.  So good!

Lysa Terkeurst – you have to itunes search her name – she has spoken at Elevation Church and other conferences and churches.  LOVE anything she does.  real. raw. funny.  wonderful.

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt – Michael has a great blog and podcast, focusing on vision, goals, leadership and business development.  Great for those with a leadership bent.

Steven Furtick – I love Steven’s communication style and he always challenge and inspires faith

Tim Keller – He has one from his church but you can also search his name on itunes and find him at the Gospel Coalition (along with peeps like Matt Chandler)



Do you have a favourite podcast you listen to?