Over the weekend I was priv’d to be at a Cleansing Streams Retreat day. I had gone along with our SAS crew as their coordinator, to be their in this part of their journey, be there if they needed a hug or an ear, and for myself too, to draw closer to God, to deal with any obstacles and hindrances.

The Cleansing Streams Retreat day was beautifully and powerfully presented, with great teaching and ministry times. It was a very considered and wise approach to becoming free in such a group context, dealing with the spiritual heart of an issue and yet filled with love and joy and peace. It was challenging at parts but non-threatening because of the graceful atmosphere and environment that the leaders intentionally create.

This was one of the clips that they played over the day to bring our attention to the change and freedom that Jesus was giving, inside out.

Jesus takes who we are, just as we are, and He makes us new.  Brand new.  No shame.  No guilt.

It’s no longer about what I’ve done, but about what He has done.  Our acceptability is in Him.

Yes we have struggles and vulnerabilities and sin, but nothing will separate us from His great love not because of anything we can do to earn or repay salvation but because of grace.  His grace transforms me, inside out.

Do you know how Jesus sees you?