Today I want to explore what some of the roadblocks to vision are and how to counter them.  We have to fight for our dreams and often the fight begins in our head.  Our worst enemy lives between our ears and we have to learn how to dull the noise to win the prize.  Dont let anything deter you or defer you from your destiny.

We can have a Personal Mission Statement but treat it like an “I wish” or “dear Santa” list and not make any progress if we dont know how to effectively deal to the roadblocks in our life.  and by “deal to” I mean: knock down!

The Bible says in Proverbs HOPE DEFFERED MAKES THE HEART SICK… and when we hit a roadblock unless we know how to effectively bust through and tackle it we can become discouraged and heart sick and end up abandoning our vision altogether.



Misplaced Identity:

Your activity does not define your identity

Our identity is defined by what Jesus has done for us not by what we achieve ourselves.  This sets us free to remember that we can do all things, we are more than conquerors, God works for good etc and that there are no limitations based on failures or past or flaws because God accepts us and welcomes us as sons and daughters of God.

The enemy seeks to disqualify us by what we feel and what we’ve done yet we are qualified by what Jesus feels and what He’s done.  Mike Bickle



In what ways can you see misplaced identity as a roadblock for vision?
What is the solution?


Self doubt:

“How would you treat a friend who lied to you as much as your fears do?”  Jack Hayford



What causes self doubt?
What are some of the self doubt statements you tell yourself?
What is the answer to self doubt?



To be continued…