Why does having a “quiet time” seem so hard?

Have we forgotten the art of meeting with God and praying?


As Christians “we underestimate the Bible.”

We know its God’s Word but we don’t treat it like that, we don’t follow its guidelines or invest time into reading it.  We don’t truly value it because we underestimate it.  We must be re-inspired to reconstruct our times with God and to re prioritize reading our Bibles, to hear His voice.


Here are a couple of keys that might help refresh this vital time we have – the opportunity to read God’s Words, His letter to us, His revelation of WHO He is and how He loves us…



Get yourself a Bible plan, like one year bible or something. YOUVERSION is amazing.  You can get different plans and devotionals at the click of a button.  Find one that works for you and inspires you.

Now with your Bible plan make sure it is one that you can “have off days” in – we all have days when we don’t get time or make time to read the Bible because of life and things so make sure your plan is one that the whole plan doesn’t collapse if you miss a day or a month or something. The one year Bible plan is good because you just pick up on the date you are. Eventually throughout your 80 year or so life you’ll get to read those other bits… don’t sweat it right now.

It takes 21 days to make a habit – so begin and continue.  Once the habit is formed it will flow a bit more naturally.  When we have a regular time reading our Bible we are creating opportunities for God to speak.

* disclaimer… now many people don’t like plans… they don’t read to hear God’s voice but find themselves reading to check that tick box.. Xo be intentional in reading to hear God’s voice, not just to complete a plan or complete a task…  let it be a framework that points you to a passage and creates a regular rhythm of reading the Bible…



When you are reading the bible you are not reading to absorb and learn the whole thing.

You are looking for THE ONE THING.

The one thing is the thing that jumps out at you.

It is the thing that God is ILLUMINATING to you.

You might not think – oh that is just my mind i am just drawn to that – but the neat thing is that that is how the Holy Spirit speaks! That is good!

God speaks through His Word. So when you are reading you are looking for the one thing. That one thing is the thing to focus on, think about, meditate upon etc.

Write it down.  Record it.  Chew it over.  Write notes about it.  Listen for the life God breathes into it.  Listen to what God is saying.

that is one of the things that I do. I read my passages and write down the bits that jump out. I write the verses and write what I think about them. sometimes it is deep and cross references with what I know about God throughout the bible, other times is is a simple “wow I like that” etc .  I confess I like to have special coloured pens when I do my bible reading.  I think that’s a girl thing.


The other night the first part of John 10 jumped out at me.

Now I have read this many a time, but there was something new in it.  And a tangible reminder that planted in my heart that God speaks, and I will hear because I am His.

I was also profoundly moved by the personal words in psalm 18:16-17 – God reached down to ME, rescued ME.  it refreshed my heart with responding love to His great mercy and love.

Sometimes the one thing that jumps out is a challenge for us to clean our lives up. Sometimes it makes questions. sometimes it encourages. Sometimes it makes you smile all the way through as it is a revelation of God’s love to us, personally.

Sometimes that one thing is the thing that you will need to hold onto and find peace in during a storm or hard time in your life.  God speaks at just the right moment.

It makes it exciting to realize that God is speaking to us through His Word. and to learn His Word. and to read His Word. this is how we connect with God.

His Word transforms us and washes us and shows us the way to walk and reveals to us Who God is. It helps us to know God. His Word pierces our heart and convicts us and encourages us.

It’s the Nike principal again – just do it. just read it. just search for the One Thing. God. His voice. His Word