I am NOT a morning person.

Perhaps that is partly because I’m not a good night person.  I don’t sleep when normal people sleep.

I have a second life sometimes, in the dark hours, the small hours.

For the last 15 years, or more, I’ve had a sleep disorder.  It’s been a battle.  I reclaimed the night and made use of the awake time, listening to podcasts, feeding my mind and soul.



But this year I made some changes.  I was taking back the night.  And taking back the day.

It begun with joining the #30 Days of Hustle – a programme by Jon Acuff – that involved a series of daily challenges and goal setting.

My Hustle was to exercise and change my fitness levels.

One of the reasons is that this year I’m a leader in an amazing course ran at my church called SAS.  Part of SAS Term One requirements was to complete a Physical Plan and make some Health Goals and a once a week team cross training workout.  I confess I didnt want to die in front of my twentysomething students.  I also knew that if I expected them to change their life then I would have to change my own.

For too long I had ignored my physical body in terms of fitness.  Putting it in the too hard basket, reserving exercise for those who liked doing it.  Aka, not me.

But those hips don’t lie.

To create the change I also had to create the time.

As of the start of the year I get up at 5am.  And 6am most weekends.

No excuses.

No matter how the night goes my morning starts at 5.

5am is my time.

There are no demands or requirements for my time at that part of the day.

No chores begging to be completed.

No kids requesting anything.

It’s my sacred space.

It’s my change my life zone.

It’s where the magic happens.

Sweat covered magic that is.

I have worked my way through a Bob Harper Kennict XBOX led programme and now am doing a rotation of 3 Jillian Michaels dvds including a hand weight and kettleball weight programme.  And loving it.  Yeah, I hear you say – Claire –  with a kettleball!!!  Yes indeed!

My husband is astonished.  Who would have thought I could have conquered the darkness?

With the nutrition changes I made at the start of the year – #nosoda2014 and #nolollies/nocandy my sleep changed too.  Who would have thought sugar was my demon?  Sheesh.

I’m not saying I sleep dramatically better.  But it is dramatically better than I had expected.  Sleep was a byproduct of cutting out the sugar.

And despite that I still get up for 5am.  No excuses.  Because it’s mine.  And I value it more than the extra hour or so sleep I may sneak.  The payoff is more valuable.

Early mornings are now my time.

Will you join me?