its good to love your church.

its good to love the place God has positioned and planted you.


i adore my church.

its the best church in the world.




here is why i love my church:

1. from the throne of God… Him first, foremost.  we love His presence.  we love His ways.  we love His heart.  we love His holiness.   we love His grace. 

2.  we make room for God to move.

3.  our pastors and leaders are the best in the world.  love the way they think, lead, act, love, give, serve.

4.   the people are our family. 

5.  we stir people to be who God has wired them to be and to do something about it.  not to sit back and just be but to live and to do.

6.  we have great services – a coming together of the different tribes and families, together to celebrate, learn, experience.



what do you love about your church?