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**** preaching notes from preaching last night at The River


Confession time. So I did this crazy thing on Monday. I drove past a woman hitching on Avimore, and felt God say, with a bit of a woosh in my heart, turn round and pick her up.

Um no God, I don’t do hitch-hikers. I’m a woman. I’m 5 foot one. I don’t know jiu-jitsu.

Pick her up.

So, I swung around, u-turned and picked her up.

Turned out she was heading only about 5 minutes away and while I had only intended to take her to the end of avimore… I took her to where she was going.

We chatted on the way, as one does.

She was like “I cant believe you stopped” and I was like on the inside “I cant believe I stopped”

But I knew why I had.

“I’m a Christian, I believe God is real and he loves you, and you know, I really felt from God to turn around and pick you up and help you out. Weird eh, but He cares about those things.”

“That’s cool. I cant believe you picked me up!”

It wasn’t a huge conversation. We drove for only about 5 minutes, I dropped her off. But I know that God was using that moment to speak to this young woman. If anything, she knows that He saw and cared.

All the time God is speaking. To me, to you.
He wants to speak TO you and THROUGH you.

God has a history of speaking to us THROUGH people.

He reveals Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. People. Not just heroes or giants of the faith but real flesh and blood people. People who were husbands, fathers, friends, neighbours, workers, employers. Today He speaks through people.

“Embedded in the larger story of redemption is a principle we must not miss: God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things in the lives of others.”

He is the God of Peter, of Oliver, of Jennifer, of Claire. And people learn about God and see Him THROUGH people like you and me.

We live in a world where there are so many voices coming at us from every direction. Even our own voice doesn’t stop. Everything and everyone competes for our attention and ear space. But not everything speaking is good. There are voices with an agenda to kill, steal and destroy. And the only one that speaks perfectly is God. So how do we hear His voice more clearly?

It’s important in this sea of voices to hear clearly from God.
It’s important to hear HIS heart and His guidance.
God’s Words will change your future. God’s Words will change a nation. God’s Words will define our life. God’s Words will define our marriage, our children, our identity, our dreams, our destiny. We need to hear His voice.

God’s voice is powerful. In the beginning God SPOKE and there was light. God said and creation was created. And His words still carry power. The disciples said “You have the words that give eternal life.”



God is speaking. Are we listening? Is His voice the loudest?
In a world of noise how do we hear His voice with a greater clarity?


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